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Abu Gurab (Abu Ghurob) Site on the west bank of the Nile between Giza and Saqqara, originally known to travellers as the 'Pyramid of Righa', although actually dominated by the remains of a sun templc erected by the 5th-Dynasty King Nyuserra (2445-2421 BC) whose pyramid stands a short distance to the south at AHUS IR.

It became Customary in the 5th Dynasty for the rulers to express their devotion to the Heliopolitan sun-god RA by building sun temples in addition to their own pyramid complexes.


Ancient Egypt Fashions

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Their fashions of mourning and of burial are these:Whenever any household has lost a man who is of any regard amongst them, the whole number of women of that house forthwith plaster over their heads or even their faces with mud.

Usurtasen II. and his conquests

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Usurtasen II. reigned for nineteen years. He does not seem to have associated a son, but was succeeded by another Usurtasen, most probably a nephew. The third Usurtasen was a conquering monarch, and advanced the power and glory of Egypt far more than any other ruler belonging to the Old Empire.


Reign of Amenemhat II.: tablet belonging to his time

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The great official, who is named Khnum-hotep, receives the foreigners, accompanied by an attendant who carries his sandals and a staff, and who is followed by three dogs. A scribe, named Nefer-hotep, unrolls before his master a strip of papyrus, on which are inscribed the words, "The sixth year of the reign of King Usurtasen Sha-khepr-ra: account rendered of the Amu who in the lifetime of the chief, Khnum-hotep, brought to him the mineral, mastemut, from the country of Pit-shu


His obelisk

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Usurtasen, after reigning ten years in conjunction with his father and thirty-two years alone, associated his son, Amenemhat II., who became sole king about three years later. His reign, though long, was undistinguished, and need not occupy our attention. He followed the example of his predecessors in associating a son in the government; and this son succeeded him, and is known as Usurtasen II.

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