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Abu Gurab (Abu Ghurob) Site on the west bank of the Nile between Giza and Saqqara, originally known to travellers as the 'Pyramid of Righa', although actually dominated by the remains of a sun templc erected by the 5th-Dynasty King Nyuserra (2445-2421 BC) whose pyramid stands a short distance to the south at AHUS IR.

It became Customary in the 5th Dynasty for the rulers to express their devotion to the Heliopolitan sun-god RA by building sun temples in addition to their own pyramid complexes.

Abu Gurab is the best preserved of the two surviving examples (the other being that of Userkaf at Abusir), although at least six arc known to have been built.

The central feature of the temple was a large, squat monument, the proportions of which were midway between a BENBEN STONE and a true OBELISK. Both the 'obelisk' and the tapering platform on which it stood were masonry constructions rather than monolithic.

In front of the monument (of which only the core of the plinth remains) is a large open court, and in the center of this open area is a massive travertine ALTAR comprising a disc







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